Innovations & Entrepreneurship Development Cell, CCET

Cochin College of Engineering and Technology, the sensational creative heaven for Young Turks who dare to take the road less traveled, make headlines again by having first-of-its-kind Innovations & Entrepreneurship Development Cell

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Incredible Training

Through E-Labs we look to offer guidance and grounding in the field of entrepreneurship development. Training programs will be conducted by adepts on every Saturdays. We also focus on improvising your linguistic skills.

Superior Mentoring

Our mentors are experienced,successful,articulate,committed professionals and are the secret sauce of practice based teaching. These mentors provide practical advise to the startups and help connect them to networks of outside resources.

Innovation Lab

We create a unique atmosphere for the beginners, because we understand your needs are different. This lab provides all you could need and more to START, INNOVATE and SUCCEED as an entrepreneur.

Cochin College of Engineering and Technology

Cochin College of Engineering and Technology is a farseeing educational institution to meet world-class standards started under the patronage of Cochin Foundation Trust.

Be Brief..

Innovations&Entrepreneurship Development Cell i.e. E-Labs offers inter-disciplinary and socially relevant research in addition to curriculum learning consultancies and other extension activities. This initiative helps the students to develop a research – oriented career and be a part of new innovations. E-Labs guides and motivates the students to implement their thoughts experimentally and even commercially. A well trained faculty team and mentors team comprises to collect valuable ideas of young minds and train them to develop their skills to a level of excellence. Entrepreneurship Development Club provides the necessary support to initiate entrepreneurial ideas of the students.

Effective Management System

E-Labs controlled and maintained by Ten C-Level Executives, who were elected by other members. We have an Advisory Committee consisting of apt faculties from every branch. E-Labs is guided and coordinated by a young entrepreneur who succeeded in his entrepreneurship path. E-Labs is fully supported by the Principal and the Chairman of CCET.

The Startup Village

Association with Startup Village is the flagship programme of Cochin Engineering Colleges. Catalysted by Govt. of Kerala, The Startup Village proactively foster Entrepreneurship programmes to develop managerial acumen and personality in students. The Startup Village provides business incubation to support the student entrepreneurs from our campus. The Startup Village is a platform for student entrepreneurs to provide infrastructure, Funding assistance and Marketing Networks.


We having great supports of various TBIs,Entrepreneurship promoting MNCs.
Our Partners provide a wide array of services to our startups at a heavily discounted rate.